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3 Lingerie Brands That Set the Internet on Fire with Their Snapchat Campaigns

The global lingerie market is projected to reach US$ 78.66 Billion by 2027 from US$ 35.17 Billion in 2018. It is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 9.4% from 2019 to 2027. The increased focus on women on the way they carry themselves is the primary growth driver for the lingerie market.

While the lingerie industry has witnessed unprecedented growth in the last few years, its sheer glamorous nature means that lingerie brands always have to be at the top of their game for greater brand recall. This was beautifully done by these three lingerie brands that executed awesome Snapchat campaigns.


CUUP is an inclusive lingerie brand that prioritizes sizing and inclusivity.

Their Objective

CUUP wanted to drive engagement and sales over the holiday season and build an incremental reach opportunity by tapping into the scale of engaged Millennials and Gen Z via the camera.

Solution & Approach

Building off of proven success, CUUP launched a multi-product strategy targeting both Millennial and Gen Z shoppers on Snapchat. For the first time, CUUP leveraged the power of Snapchat’s camera, creating a Shoppable AR Lens which transported shoppers to a virtual vacation where they could shop for the latest bra styles. CUUP also leveraged Snap Ads and Story Ads all prompting further shopping on CUUPs website.

A sophisticated targeting strategy complimented the multi-product approach, allowing CUUP to not only scale its reach potential but maximize the opportunity to drive sales. Its prospecting strategy included various interest and shopper audiences, and lookalikes based on pixel events. It also retargeted pixel audiences based on on-site shopping behaviors signaling shopper intent.

The Result

CUUP’s Snapchat campaign was a roaring success. As a part of a multi-product strategy, the CUUP shoppable Lens reached over 5.56M Snapchatters who virtually window shopped for over 19 seconds on average. While results were impressive throughout the full campaign, Snapchatters exposed to all three units drove significantly higher lift vs. Snapchatters who only saw the Snap Ads and Story Ads.

When looking at brand lift, there was a 27-point lift in Ad awareness, an 11-point lift in Favorability, and a 9-point lift in Purchase Intent. The campaign also drove more efficient lower funnel results, yielding a 17% more efficient cost per newly acquired customer and an 8.6% Purchase Lift with the Lens.

2. Lounge Underwear

Founded by husband and wife duo Melanie and Daniel Marsden in 2015 with just £1,000 of their own money, underwear brand Lounge Underwear has grown rapidly, especially during the pandemic year.

Their Objective

Lounge Underwear was looking to drive purchases and increase revenue for its Valentine’s Day Snapchat campaign.

Solution & Approach

Lounge Underwear used a combination of Snap and Story Ads to get wide coverage on the platform and to maximize their reach. Story Ads proved pivotal in appealing to male users, while the brand used Snap Ads to expand beyond their existing customer base, having previously seen success with the format in generating revenue.

Lounge Underwear ran A/B Tests for the Snap Ads to investigate the most effective format, and moved forward with stills for the creative. They also found that the majority of revenue generated from Snap Ads came from the first-hour viewing window. When it came to targeting, they developed Lookalike Audiences based on past Lounge purchasers and optimized towards pixel purchase, meaning that they were able to reach high-potential customers cost-effectively.

The Result

Lounge Underwear’s Snapchat campaign was highly successful as it delivered a 20-point lift in Brand awareness, 19-point lift in Ad Awareness, 14-point lift in Favourability of Lounge Underwear, and a 14-point lift in Action Intent amongst all Snapchatters as measured through Snap Inc’s Brand Lift Survey. The campaign was also effective in driving incremental purchases, with a Snapchat conversion lift study showing a 2.51% purchase lift amongst all Snapchatters. Overall, Lounge Underwear’s campaign led to a YOY revenue increase of 1076%, hitting much higher figures than the spending increase, and saw particularly successful results with male users.

3. Etam

Etam is a leading underwear brand in France with a hundred years of history in innovation.

Their Objective

Etam wanted to strengthen the brand’s online presence and acquire new customers with managed costs.

Solution & Approach

Etam joined hands with Snapchat to be among the first brands to launch a Dynamic Product Ads campaign in France. To launch its Dynamic Product Ads campaign and leverage all of Snapchat’s e-commerce features, Etam integrated the Snap Pixel on its website and product catalog.

Etam then launched two strategies using Dynamic Product Ads. While the first strategy focused on retargeting users who had visited a product page, the second one revolved around acquiring new clients who had not shopped on Etam before. Using Dynamic Product Ads, Etam was able to target these two audience segments with highly relevant product-centric creative, created dynamically using the information in Etam’s product catalog.

The Result

Etam’s Snapchat campaign performed quite well as their Return on Ad Spend increased by 43% to an average of 3.32€. Also, its Cost Per Acquisition decreased by 19% after switching from Snap Ads to Dynamic Product Ads.

Wrapping Up

Snapchat has quickly cemented its place as a highly reliable marketing platform for brands looking to drive maximum engagement. Through its plethora of features such as Snap and Story Ads, video editing, social sharing, filters & effects, etc., Snapchat helps brands reach a diverse audience.

A solid marketing plan, excellent content, and an awesome marketing platform like Snapchat- that’s all you need to achieve all your marketing goals today.

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