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3 Small Businesses That Made It Big With Their Snapchat Campaigns

SMEs represent about 90% of the businesses and generate over 50% of the employment globally. Also, they contribute almost 40% of national income and 70% of jobs in emerging economies. Therefore, the competition amongst small businesses is always at an all-time high.

To emerge as a leading force in such cut-throat competition, small businesses need to come up with extraordinary marketing ideas that can make their brands a household name. They can seek some inspiration from the following three small businesses that used Snapchat to deliver excellent marketing campaigns.

1. Birdie

Birdie is a modern, personal safety alarm that’s been designed to help women feel safe and protected in their everyday lives.

Their Objective

Birdie wanted to drive their online purchases for their assault deterrence devices.

Approach & Solution

Birdie launched a multi-tier Snapchat campaign to reach its target audience and drive potential customers to its platform. It used user testimonial videos to launch a variety of ad formats on Snapchat, including dynamic product ads, collection ads, and video ads, to showcase the benefits of its handheld device and show its potential users the safety and confidence that its product offered to its users.

Birdie also utilized Snapchat’s Lookalike Audience feature to focus on Snapchat users who were similar to its existing base. Also, they implemented the Snap Pixel to re-engage Snapchat users who had visited its site in the past and convert them into customers.

The Result

Birdie’s Snapchat campaign led to a 41% increase in ROAS. Also, it resulted in a 31% lower CPM compared to the other platforms.

2. Pit Viper

Pit Viper is a sunglasses brand that creates durable and affordable sunglasses.

Their Objective

Pit Viper sought to boost its online sales and drive more awareness around its brand.

Approach & Solution

Pit Viper used high-quality, in-house Video Ads to showcase its unique and eye-catching products. These video ads helped the brand connect with its target demographic on Snapchat. The brand also implemented Snap Pixel to optimize its campaigns early on and launched various conversion campaigns that drove massive ROI.

Moreover, Pit Viper optimized its campaigns by utilizing location targeting to run ads near and around ski and snowboarding resorts and communities.

Their Result

Pit Viper used a combination of Video Ads, location targeting, and Snap Pixel to achieve a 30x ROAS.


TRUFF is a luxury hot sauce brand that finds its inspiration from unique and indulgent flavors found in truffles.

Their Objective

TRUFF wanted to reach new customers profitably and engage with Snapchat users who communicate with close friends and family on a daily basis.

Approach & Solution

TRUFF worked with video creative captured with an iPhone to launch ads quickly using Snap Publisher. It used a series of Video Ads and Story Ads to showcase its delicious hot sauce being used in everyday situations. TRUFF found that raw video creatives resonated well with new potential customers and more polished content worked best for retargeting campaigns.

To ensure that its ads were being viewed by Snapchat users who mattered the most to its business, TRUFF leveraged goal-based bidding and optimized towards driving online purchases. Using a Target Cost bidding strategy, TRUFF managed to maintain a specified CPA when testing different creatives. Upon identifying which creative resonated most with its audience, TRUFF scaled up its campaigns and switched to an auto bidding strategy.

The Result

TRUFF’s Snapchat campaign used a combination of Video Ads and Story Ads and utilized goal-based bidding to acquire new customers at a much lower price than other platforms. TRUFF attained a 162% drop in cost per impression when compared to other platforms. Also, they achieved a 71.24% decrease in cost per page view compared to other platforms and a 30.52% drop in cost per purchase. Moreover, TRUFF achieved a 34.67% boost in ROAS compared to other platforms.

Wrapping Up

Owing to its large user-base of millennials and GenZ users, Snapchat has established itself as an ideal marketing platform for small businesses. With its various features like Video Ads, Story Ads, Snap Pixel, and goal-based bidding, brands can get themselves in front of their target audience and get the exposure that they want. All you need is a sound strategy that can help you capitalize upon Snapchat’s massive marketing potential.


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