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3 South Korean Beauty Brands That Aced Their Instagram Campaigns

The revenue from the South Korean beauty industry amounted to US$13.18bn in 2022 and is expected to grow annually at a CAGR of 4.87% between 2022-26. Although these numbers sound promising, the competition in the industry is immense.

This requires brands to leverage the existing marketing channels to showcase their products to various target segments. To that end, beauty brands can use Instagram to show what they stand for and what their products can deliver to their consumers just like these three brands did with their Instagram campaigns.

1. dear, Klairs

South Korean beauty brand Klairs is well-known for its vegan-friendly and cruelty-free skincare products.

Their Objective

dear, Klairs sought to test new ways of engagement with its customers to drive sales and stand out among its competitors.

Solution & Approach

dear, Klairs ran an Instagram campaign using mobile-first video ads, branded content ads, and Instagram Shopping ads. The beauty company set up a split test comparing a mobile-first video ads campaign with another one that used Shopping ads, branded content ads, and video ads.

dear, Klairs teamed up with a beauty content creator using branded content ads, allowing it to boost the creator’s posts. These posts were clearly marked as “paid partnership with dear, Klairs”. When the users clicked on these posts, they were taken to dear, Klairs’ website.

The content was first published as an Instagram Shopping post, thereby allowing dear, Klairs to directly tag products in the posts to make it more convenient for people to discover and engage with the products.

The Result

The Instagram campaign that lasted for 10 days delivered amazing results for dear, Klairs with a 45% reduction in cost per purchase and a 42% decrease in cost per add-to-cart. Moreover, the campaign reached 41% of more people.

2. Gelato Factory

Gelato Factory is a Korean self-nail art brand that offers trendy nail sticker designs.

Their Objective

Gelato Factory wanted to make inroads into the Japanese market using localized ad content and enhance brand credibility by collaborating with local and influential Japanese content creators.

Solution & Approach

Gelato Factory teamed up with Japanese content creators on Instagram to review selected products for its branded content campaign. It used and boosted posts that the creators posted on their accounts, and featured them as video ads and carousel photo ads.

The brand found that using branded content ads in partnership with local creators in Japan helped them reach the local audience more effectively. Gelato Factory was, therefore, able to capture and analyze the results of the campaign by partnering with Facebook’s marketing team.

The Result

The Instagram campaign performed outstandingly well for Gelato Factory and resulted in a 20% increase in their return on ad spend. The brand also saw a 20% reduction in their cost per purchase and a 27% decrease in the cost per person reached.

3. Surepi

Surepi is a South Korean beauty brand that offers trendy makeup products via its e-commerce site.

Their Objective

Since many of its products are created in partnership with beauty influencers in Korea, Surepi wanted to find an effective way for launching and selling new makeup products digitally.

Solution & Approach

Surepi joined hands with Korean beauty content creators on Instagram for its branded content ad campaign. The company used and boosted Stories and Instagram posts that these creators posted on their accounts. These posts and Stories were also featured in the brand’s video ads and Stories.

The influencers were asked to create many 15-second Stories and posts with two different storylines. While the first emphasized the new product’s unique advantages and its looks, the other one provided a tutorial on how to use the product.

The campaign focused on people over the age of 18 in South Korea. Surepi used automatic placements to deliver ads across Instagram cost-effectively.

The Result

The Instagram campaign turned out to be exceptionally successful for Surepi and resulted in a 51% higher return on ad spend with product-focused ads. Also, it achieved a 47% lower cost per purchase and a 35% lower cost for reaching 1,000 people with product-focused ads. The campaign also led to a 33% lower cost per action.

Bottom Line

Instagram’s visual nature gives it the upper hand over many other marketing platforms. For product-based businesses that can deliver a visibly noticeable result or help the customers benefit from the product, Instagram can be a great platform to showcase their content. There’s no limit to what can be achieved with the right mix of marketing strategy and impressive content through Instagram.


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