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3 Sports Footwear Brands That Leveraged Snapchat for Increased Conversion Rates

The global sports footwear market size was $365.5 billion in 2020 and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% between 2020 to 2027 to reach $530.3 billion in 2027. The ever-increasing health awareness amongst people has led to an increase in the number of individuals visiting fitness centers and performing indoor and outdoor exercise activities. This has increased the demand for athletic footwear among all age groups.

Therefore, brands operating in this industry can benefit immensely from this in the coming years. However, the abundance of social media platforms has made it necessary for footwear brands to leverage them for a heightened online presence and better marketing. Also, they need to come up with unique marketing solutions to cater to new audiences just like these three footwear brands did with their Snapchat marketing campaigns.

1. Adidas Canada

Adidas Canada teamed up with Snapchat in early 2021 to further develop its Dynamic Product Ad strategy after seeing its success in 2020.

Their Objective

Adidas Canada was looking for a way to convert online shoppers during the pandemic as retail closures were impacting retailers.

Approach & Solution

Snapchat focused exclusively on Dynamic Product Ads and leveraged them for both a prospecting and retargeting campaign. By implementing the Snap Pixel, Adidas leveraged an already strong retargeting audience pool.

The Snap Pixel also set up Adidas to bid on Pixel Purchases and made it even more effective for reaching qualified Snapchatters.

The Result

Adidas’ Snapchat campaign performed quite well and was instrumental in helping the footwear brand achieve a 7% incremental purchase lift and a $23 cost per incremental purchase. Adidas also saw over 10.5% incremental purchase lift amongst the female audience as a result of the campaign, which was its priority audience for 2021.

There was an increase of $4.43 on ROAS, which meant that for each $1 of campaign investment, Adidas generated $4.43 of incremental revenue.

2. New Balance

New Balance joined hands with Snapchat to drive brand awareness and purchases for their partnered collection with NBA star Kawhi Leonard.

Their Objective

New Balance wanted to leverage the partnered collection with Kawhi Leonard to increase purchases and brand awareness.

Approach & Solution

New Balance launched a multi-ad product campaign that focused on Snapchat users with interests in fashion and fitness.

The campaign included a shoppable AR Lens that allowed the user to virtually try on different sneakers from the Kawhi Leonard x New Balance collection and swipe up directly on the lens to shop on the New Balance website. The campaign also included Snap Ads that featured different sneakers from the collaboration, which encouraged users to swipe up and try sneakers with the Shoppable AR Lens.

The Result

New Balance’s Snapchat campaign performed outstandingly well for the brand. The AR Lens campaign reached more than 7.3 million Snapchat users. Also, almost 250,000 Snapchat users swiped up to the New Balance website to further explore the sneakers.

The combination of AR Lens and Snap Ads led to a +5pt lift in Ad Awareness, +3pt lift in Brand Favorability, and a +2pt lift in Purchase Intent.

3. Puma

Puma teamed up with Snapchat to drive awareness and generate fun nostalgia for their iconic and classic Puma Suede shoe.

Their Objective

Puma wanted to reach Snapchat users between the age of 16-30 and engage the next generation of Puma fans while remaining true to their original brand advocates i.e., adults in the age group of 25-39.

Approach & Solution

Puma launched a multi-product campaign centered around an AR Lens experience that allowed Snapchat users to try on both the icon suede sneakers and the Puma tracksuits. The campaign was rounded out with Snap Ads and extended play Commercials to reach the Snapchat community in both the camera and content to amplify the overall impact.

Puma utilized goal-based bidding for the Lens to optimize for swipes to the product landing page and for Snaps created with the Lens to be shared in Snapchatters stories.

The Result

Puma’s Snapchat campaign delivered exceptional results for the footwear brand and resulted in a +5pt lift in Action Intent as well as a +9pt lift in Ad Awareness. Also, the campaign resonated quite well with female Snapchat users with a +11pts lift in Brand Favourability.

Bottom Line

Snapchat is an excellent marketing tool for brands looking to reach millennials and Gen Z’ers. With over 300 million daily active users, Snapchat gives brands the ideal platform to showcase their products to new audiences and reach out to potential customers. Also, a plethora of fun and unique features ensure that Snapchat's user base continues to increase exponentially, thereby, allowing you to continue reaching out to more potential customers.

However, you require a solid Snapchat marketing strategy to benefit from its massive marketing potential.

So, what’s your Snapchat marketing strategy?

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Nathan Adrian
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