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3 Telecom Brands That Are Killing It with Their Instagram Campaigns

The global telecom services market size was valued at $234.23 billion in 2019 and was projected to grow at a massive CAGR of 28.54% to reach $1530.68 billion by 2027. This massive demand for telecom services is mainly driven by the shift in consumer preferences toward 5G network and cloud-based technology.

Moreover, the ever-increasing demand for high-speed data connectivity, the rapidly growing digitization process across the world, and the boom in OTT content worldwide are also expected to play a key role in the industry’s growth. With the industry growing at such a rapid rate, it is naturally going to attract more and more players, thereby, fostering tough competition between different telecom brands.

Therefore, telecom brands need to come up with compelling strategies that can make their target audience relate to their marketing campaigns, just like these three telecom brands did with their Instagram campaigns.


DEINHANDY is an online smartphone retailer that offers a range of tariffs from different providers.

Their Objective

DEINHANDY wanted to drive awareness around its brand and services across Germany and boost its online sales.

Approach & Solution

DEINHANDY ran its first mobile-first campaign in two cells. The first cell focused on Facebook and Instagram feed only while the second cell revolved around Facebook and Instagram feed and Stories.

The short videos from the telecom brand were in line with the best practices for ad creatives and showed the logo and corporate colors initially. This was followed by showcasing a wide range of deals on popular products.

The Result

The Instagram campaign was a massive success for DEINHANDY and led to a 4.7-point boost in its brand awareness after adding Stories to the feed. Around 72,000 more people came to know about DEINHANDY after adding Stories.

2. Freenet Funk

The Freenet Group stands at the forefront of transforming the German mobile industry with its app-led approach that offers maximum flexibility to customers who can choose what they want from their mobiles on a day-to-day basis.

Their Objective

Freenet Funk wanted to drive awareness around its unique offering and encourage app installs by attracting new customers.

Approach & Solution

Freenet Funk adopted a simple strategy of creating simple and direct ads to highlight its unique app-based mobile offering. They launched a campaign in close cooperation with Facebook that focused on young urban customers who regularly used mobile data.

The ads were designed to trigger curiosity among the young target group along with a clear messaging that explained the brand’s unique service proposition i.e. its adaptability. They used automatic placements to show the ads in Instagram feed and Stories (65%) and Facebook News Feed and Stories (32%).

The Result

The Instagram campaign resulted in a 47% increase in activated purchases for Freenet Funk, along with a 50% boost in app installs. Moreover, they saw an 8.5%-point increase in brand awareness. Also, there was a 19.7-point rise in ad recall.

3. Ooredoo Kuwait

Ooredoo is a global telecom company that delivers quality data experience to its customers through its broad range of content and services.

Their Objective

Ooredoo Kuwait sought to change its brand perception through its “Enjoy the Internet” campaign and show its target audience that everything was more fun with its high-speed and no-buffer data services.

Approach & Solution

Ooredoo Kuwait listed the help of its global brand ambassador and world’s top football star, Lionel Messi. The campaign featured Messi enjoying online with other local influencers, reaffirming the idea that the internet was much more fun with Ooredoo.

Messi demonstrated various ways how people have fun, socialize, shop, and express themselves online. The main videos for the campaign were shot in different short videos that were adapted to different ad formats across Instagram Stories and Feed.

The Result

The Instagram campaign resulted in unprecedented success for Ooredoo and led to a 10-point lift in ad recall. While its brand awareness saw a 7-point increase, there was also a 5-point increase in Ooredoo’s association with the tagline “Enjoy the Internet”. But the best outcome was an 80% improvement in people’s perception of Ooredoo Kuwait’s Internet experience.

Wrapping Up

Instagram has emerged as a great marketing platform for brands that wish to engage their target audience through storytelling. Therefore, instead of adopting a product-centric approach and pushing products in your Instagram Stories, focus on the audience’s feelings by showing them the people and personality behind your brand. There is no dearth to what your Instagram campaign can achieve by merely ensuring that your Instagram feed reinforces your brand identity through a consistent color scheme and style.


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