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3 Victorious TikTok Campaigns by Healthcare Brands That Are A Lesson in Marketing

The Global Consumer Healthcare Market size was estimated to be $332,491.42 million in 2020, and it is expected to reach $665,372.71 million by 2028 at an impressive CAGR of 8.56%. While most other sectors went through a massive slump due to COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown, the healthcare industry continued growing at a rapid rate.

So, it is undoubtedly one of the best industries to be a part of at this point. However, brands operating within the healthcare sector always have to be at the top of their marketing game because of the cut-throat competition in the industry. Therefore, it is imperative for healthcare brands to maximize their online presence and leverage the potential of marketing avenues available to them. This was ably demonstrated by these three healthcare brands that chose to capitalize on the massive potential of TikTok to reach out to their potential customers and boost conversions.

1. Invisalign

Invisalign was seeking to connect with potential consumers on TikTok and reach new audiences.

Their Objective

Invisalign sought to boost its customer acquisition by reaching new customers and establishing itself as the go-to brand for people whenever they wanted to straighten or align their teeth.

Approach & Solution

Invisalign joined hands with TikTok creators to share their real experiences with Invisalign® treatment. The creators were given the simple instruction of producing content naturally according to their unique style and voice.

The healthcare brand amplified the visibility of every creator’s video by reaching broad audiences across TikTok. Also, they used Spark Ads, which is a native ad display format that enables businesses to promote their popular organic posts or amplify relevant content posted by creators as In-Feed Ads in the For You feed among user-generated content.

The Result

Allowing TikTok creators to take the lead and show their real selves while promoting Invisalign® treatment proved quite beneficial for Invisalign. It led to a 3,000% boost in their followers along with a 127% increase in their CTR and a 27% reduction in cost per unique visitor.

2. Sanofi

The global pharmaceutical company, Sanofi, intended to establish its presence on TikTok in Brazil.

Their Objective

Sanofi sought to leverage its global brand presence and educate the Brazilian consumers about the benefits of Dorflex UNO migraine medication.

Approach & Solution

To attain its objective, Sanofi ran a campaign combining TikTok’s premium TopView solution along with native-feeling In-Feed Ads. These TopView ads captured the attention of Sanofi’s target audience as they saw these ads first as soon as they opened the app.

Their creatives highlighted the core features and benefits of the product and laid down the reasons for the consumption of Dorflex UNO during migraine headaches. A “Learn More” call-to-action button was placed on the assets to drive users to a site where they could get more information about the product.

The Result

The TikTok campaign performed exceptionally well for Sanofi, driving 27 million video views at an average CTR of 18.8%. Moreover, the campaign clocked around 27M impressions at an average view-through rate of 25.6%.

The impact of the TikTok campaign for Sanofi can be gauged from the fact that the brand Lift Study showed a 10.7% boost in Sanofi’s Ad Recall. Also, there was a 4.8% lift in Brand Association and a 7.8% boost in Brand Awareness for the pharmaceutical company.

3. Durex

Durex wanted to run a campaign for World AIDS Day 2020 to urge people to engage in safe and protected sex.

Their Objective

Durex sought to spread its message of safe and protected sex amongst the German audiences and urge people to not go back to the normal times where unprotected sex was normalized.

Approach & Solution

Since Durex wanted to target the 18+ GenZ population across Germany, it teamed up with TikTok for a fun and informative campaign as the platform hosts a large number of Gen Zers.

Durex deployed multiple age-restricted ad solutions on TikTok, including TopView 18+, In-Feed Brand Premium, and In-Feed Auction Ads. Durex engaged with popular creators to boost awareness and add a touch of authenticity to the campaign in the run-up to World AIDS Day.

Videos from TikTok Content Creators included videos on topics such a condom myth-busting, education on STIs, and the significance of using condoms. At the end of the videos, a CTA directed the users to either the #LetsNotGoBackToNormal campaign page or to an Amazon page where they could explore the Durex range. Also, since the ads were targeted at a highly specific audience, it was ensured the content was appropriate for everyone.

The Result

The TikTok campaign that ran for three weeks during World AIDS Day, the Durex campaign delivered excellent results. Each video recorded over 16.6M impressions. Of these, 1.6M clicks were either driven to the campaign page or the shoppable Amazon page.

Also, the campaign led to a lot of engagement, driving in 15.6% for the TopView 18+. The likes on these ads added up to 205,000 likes.

Bottom Line

TikTok is undoubtedly the most sought platform for companies that seek to drive their brand awareness through the younger generation. With a plethora of features such as In-Feed ads, Top-View Ads, and age-restricted content, TikTok makes sure that brands can take their content to the audience of their choice with good content. With the right vision and a unique strategy, there’s no dearth to the things that TikTok can help brands achieve.


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