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5 Christmas 2021 Ads That Hit the Ball Out of the Park

You know that the festive season has truly arrived when Christmas advertisements start airing. Similar to any mega movie premiere, most supermarkets start building up the hype for the big moment their ads appear on the screen. And with many stores that started sharing their Christmas ads as early as mid-November, we have already started feeling all festive inside.

The slightly dampened mood because of COVID-19 last year has also ebbed away to quite an extent and has been replaced by positivity and anticipation. This transition has been beautifully reflected in the Christmas advertisements of many brands, which suggests that the festive season is now in full swing.

So, here we are with another blog on some of the most captivating Christmas 2021 ads by some of our favorite brands, which you all must watch.

1. McDonald’s: Imaginary Iggy

McDonald’s 2021 Christmas ad begins with a young girl feeding carrot sticks to her imaginary friend, Iggy. Iggy’s comforting presence motivates the girl to come out of her shell and embrace the precious Christmas moments.

But as she grows up, her Christmas fervor starts fading and so does her relationship with Iggy. It’s only after she sees a young boy with carrot sticks that she rushes to her home to reunite with her imaginary friend.

The beautiful ad tugs at your heartstrings and reasserts the fact that the spirit of Christmas is alive within all of us regardless of our age. We just have to look within ourselves and rekindle it.

2. Matalan: Real Moments, Real Magic

Matalan’s Christmas 2021 ad features three people sharing their Christmas celebrations. The warm, uplifting, and yet pleasantly funny ad demonstrates the emotional connection that people feel during this festive season. The ad plays to Matalan’s ongoing brand message of Real Life Ready to create a sense of nostalgia.

The ad perfectly sums up the idea that the ‘Perfect Christmas’ is about finding perfection in the small moments that one experiences during the season, and has nothing to do with creating a flawless event. Christmas is what we make it and the magic lies in those middle moments.

3. House of Fraser: House of Festive

In its 2021 Christmas ad, House of Fraser is seen transforming into House of Festive. The ad is centralized around a multi-generational cast enjoying the extravagant festiveness of Christmas, gifting, and shopping, which serves as a reminder of the joy that Christmas brings with itself.

The inspiration for the ad came from the disappointment that followed last year’s canceled celebrations and the subsequent urge to make Christmas 2021 special for everyone. The ad campaign has been developed keeping in mind the Christmas gifters, particularly those for whom the Christmas shopping trip is nothing less than an annual event.

4. Argos: Baubles to Last Year! Christmas is On

Argos is another brand that fully recognized people’s appetite for big celebrations this festive season after the disappointment that came with canceled celebrations last year. Argos’ Christmas 2021 ad demonstrates the joy of Christmas and the different ways through which we can set fire to this year’s Christmas bash.

This 60-second fun spot appeals to Christmas enthusiasts across the UK and reaches out to families that love this festive period. Christmas 2021 can be very emotional and poignant for many, which is why they also want to make it the most magical and memorable Christmas yet.

5. Disney: The Stepdad

Disney’s heartwarming Christmas 2021 ad features an animated family that sees a stepdad moving in with his partner and two children. The advert revolves around his efforts to find his place in the family. Also, it’s a sequel from last year’s Disney ad where we saw the young girl Nicole bonding with her grandmother, Lola.

At the very core of the advertisement is a special storybook that is gifted to the children from their biological father. It’s packed with Disney and Pixar stories to the brim and these stories come to life as the family comes together.

The original track, Love Runs Deeper, provides narration from the perspective of The Stepdad and presents the entire advertisement as a series of efforts that he makes to become a part of this family and fit into it.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny that the anticipation around Christmas adverts is incredible. And a majority of them aren’t only fun to watch but also get all of us into the mood to celebrate the festivities with our friends and family, thereby, giving everyone a feel of the real spirit of Christmas.


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