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5 Crazy Chinese New Year Ads That Will Make You Go Insane with Laughter

I know, I know! The Chinese New Year is still weeks away. But the anticipation around the big day has already started building up and we’d start seeing brands come up with wonderful CNY commercials in a matter of days.

The thing about CNY commercials is that they celebrate togetherness, prosperity, and happiness. But some are also insanely funny- like the ones that we’ll be covering in this blog. So, for this week’s #FunnyFridays, here we are with 5 hilarious CNY commercials that will prove why fun and humor are the stepping stone to the success of every event or festival.

1. Air Selangor: Glue of the Family

This ad by Air Selangor has been filmed in the style of a reality show and depicts Raymond talking to the camera about how he has decided to go all out with the celebrations.

However, according to him, he would be absent from the CNY celebrations as he’s away from his family, and is, therefore, sad about missing out on all the fun. But his family doesn’t seem to share his sadness as they go around with their business as usual. Also, his mother seems pretty unimpressed by his antics. Watch this comical ad to find out why.

2. Yoodo: Chinese New Year Pitch

This CNY ad by Yoodo pokes fun at all the emotional CNY ads that we get to see every year and tends to break stereotypes around the Chinese New Year.

What does the CNY celebration really mean? Does it mean sticking to the norms set by the countless CNY ads that we see every year? Or is it about celebrating the day in our way? These are the questions that this fun-filled Yoodo ad answers in a cool and witty manner, while also giving viewers an insight into what most CNY ads are usually like- something that most of us fail to notice as brands often impair our vision with unnecessary emotional drama.

3. Tenaga Nasional: WonderFu Fortune

There is no shortage of scammers swindling the happiness out of our life in the name of bringing good fortune. And this Tenaga Nasional CNY ad tends to throw some light on that.

The ad shows a woman going through a rough day. She is approached by a fortune teller who tells her that she is being hounded by misfortune and only his magical bracelet can help her turn things around. Beguiled by his sweet talk, she purchases the bracelet only to see everything that she’s planned for the CNY being ruined, eventually. What’s funny about that, you’d ask? Well, the situations she’s facing would surely split anyone with laughter; see for yourself!

4. McDonald’s: KAM Food

On the eve of Chinese New Year, when a restaurant reservation mix-up threatens to overturn their annual reunion tradition, this family scrambles to find an alternative restaurant.

Apparently, the father is too obsessed with anything that is Kam (golden), and therefore, everything from the decorations and home decor to their attire and food- has to be “KAM”. However, since they can no longer have food at their chosen “KAM” restaurant, what ensues is a hilarious hunt for a “KAM” food outlet. Watch this funny McDonald’s ad for a hearty laugh and to understand that more than a “KAM” restaurant, it’s the family that matters.

5. TV3: Hide Everything Black

Now, this ad may seem a bit racist to many of you. But for those of you who like dark humor, you’d love the Po Po in the ad, who’s obsessed with the red color and wants to hide everything black for the CNY celebrations.

And everything seems to be going her way. She goes as far as coloring her hair red to get rid of the black color. While she, along with the rest of her family, is about to have the meal, her son arrives with his girlfriend- all dressed in red. The only problem is that she’s black!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of this week’s #FunnyFridays. As you might notice, the ads in this blog, except the last one, aren’t funny altogether. Instead, they begin on a humorous note, and then gradually cover more important aspects of the Chinese New Year. And that’s life for you- a sentence written in sadness and emotions, punctuated by happiness and humor. That was a rather shoddy attempt at tweaking the original saying, but you get the drift, right?

We’ll be back with more funny commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned.

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