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5 Funniest Super Bowl 2023 Commercials That You Must Watch

And we are back with another segment of #FunnyFridays where we bring to you some of the funniest videos from the world of YouTube. But before we begin with this week’s segment, I think apologies are in order because we couldn’t serve you with your weekly dose of laughter for two weeks straight! But you know how life is- you simply don’t have enough time to do the things you love, sometimes!

On that note, let’s move to something that I am sure most of us love doing- watching Super Bowl commercials. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that this year’s Super Bowl commercials were awesome despite the absence of crypto ads. What’s more, some of them were funny too.

S, without any further ado, let’s watch these 5 funniest Super Bowl commercials from 2023.

1. GM and Netflix: Why Not An EV?

There could probably be no bigger tell-tale sign of tightening seatbelts in showbiz than this collaboration between Netflix and General Motors for the Super Bowl 2023.

The ad shows Will Ferell and General Motors riffing hilariously to some of Netflix’s greatest hit shows like Squid Game, Stranger Things, Bridgerton, and Army of the Dead. What’s more, the streaming platform even promised to feature more electric vehicles on its shows; although not probably for a period piece like Bridgerton. Ferell trying to pronounce “shan’t” got me in splits😂

2. Rakuten: Not So Clueless

Shopping app Rakuten got us all nostalgic with its 60-second Super Bowl 2023 ad that featured Elisa Donovan and Alicia Silverstone reprising their roles of amber and Cher from the classic teen comedy Clueless.

But in case you didn't like this ad for some reason, I have got just one word to say to you- Whatever!

3. T-Mobile: Bradley Cooper Ad

How does it feel to be trolled by your own mother? Well, Bradley Cooper would surely know after filming this Superbowl 2023 ad for T-mobile with his mother.

The ad showcases Cooper and his mom trying to make a Super Bowl commercial. But since Cooper’s mother doesn’t really possess the acting skills of her son, things don’t pan out the way they probably foresaw it. But there’s one thing that the old lady is exceptionally good at and it’s poking fun at her son.

When Cooper claims that he knows what he’s doing as he’s had 9 nominations for Academy Awards, his mother plainly tells him that none of that means much since he never won any of those. Let alone the audience that even cracked up Bradley Cooper😂

4. Heineken: Ant-Man Ad

As Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania was about to release on 17th February, Heineken and Paul Rudd decided to come up with this funny Super Bowl 2023 ad.

The ad showcases Paul Rodd delivering his Scott Lang charm as he avoids paper notes, which appear to be from his girlfriend Hope van Dyne aka Wasp. however, nothing beats Anton judging Scott Lang!

5. Pepsi Zero: Ben Stiller & Steve Martin Ad

Pepsi Zero Sugar roped in two comedic heavyweights in Ben Stiller and Steve Martin for its Super Bowl 2023 ad and boy it was hilarious!

The two are shown exchanging barbs about acting, and comedy, and we’re made to think about whether or not they’re actually acting in the ad. Martin calling Stiller a “nepo baby” is surely the highlight of the ad. Acting or not, that’s surely going to hurt, which is why it’s so funny too!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of another segment of #FunnyFridays. Super Bowl has known to be the time when brands come up with some of the best commercials of the year and a few of them, like the ones mentioned in this blog, are insanely funny.

We’ll be back with more awesome videos and commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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