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5 Funny Commercials That Will Leave You ROFLing

Hey fellas, we’re back with your weekly dose of funny commercials- #FunnyFridays! Research says that your customers are twice more likely to come to you if you can make them laugh. Naah! That only applies to stand-up comics! But a good laugh does nobody any harm. So, here we are again with 5 hilarious commercials that made everyone laugh their asses off! Let’s take a look at these.

1. Virgin Media: Unlimited

They say we’re only limited by our minds. It looks like only Virgin Media understood the real meaning behind this statement. This Virgin Media commercial shows that with its unlimited mobile data, people can meme, they can stream, and they can fly! Or can they?

This 60-second commercial is a classic example of how you can indirectly poke fun at your rivals claiming to be omnipotent by “making fun” of yourself. Well played, Virgin Media marketing team!

2. Pringles: Rick and Morty

What’s better than Rick and Morty? A Rick and Morty commercial!

In classic Rick and Morty fashion, the characters find themselves entrapped in a bizarre, crazy world. The only difference is that it’s a Pringles commercial this time. The 30-second spot managed to win over millions of Rick and Morty fans.

3. Heineken: Walk-In-Closet

Had this commercial been released today, it would have been stormed by a wave of criticism for promoting gender stereotypes. But gender stereotypes were a lot more acceptable in the 2000s than they are today- thanks to the lack of social media platforms back then.

The ad features a group of women walking into a room-cum-closet and screaming at the top of their voices at the sight of various clothes and footwear. Just then, they are interrupted by men in a neighboring room, who let out similar emotions at the sight of Heineken beers.

4. Cisco: A Special Valentine’s Day Gift

Cisco’s high-powered router isn’t exactly the best example of a romantic gift. And that’s exactly why the brand came up with this Valentine’s Day commercial calling it the perfect gift.

The brand manages to integrate a very complex product into a simple and funny commercial. Moreover, they even found a way to highlight its technical features in a way that would interest their target audience while also amusing everyone else.

Good job Cisco’s marketing team, it shows that there’s always enough room to infuse laughter regardless of whatever you’re selling.

5. Spotify: Let the Song Play

Who hasn’t ever been late intentionally because they wanted to hear their favorite song? Well, I do this all the time, which explains why I’ve had to switch jobs every three months!

The commercial showcases people sitting in their cars, while others wait for them. The black lady driving past the elderly couple, who are probably her parents, is something that most of you will relate to. Also, the pizza guy doesn’t give two hoots about delivering the order. Wait a minute, my pizza delivery guy was supposed to have been here 30 mins ago but I am still waiting for him. Do you think he is..??

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of yet another #FunnyFriday segment. Humor can certainly help you connect better with your audience. All you need to do is figure out what makes them laugh. We’ll be back with more commercials next week. Till then, stay tuned and take care folks!


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