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5 Funny Thai Commercials That Will Drive You Crazy With Laughter

Humor is undoubtedly one of the most potent marketing tools. Over the years, brands have successfully leveraged laughter to drive engagement both from their existing audience as well as potential customers.

While several marketers have successfully tried their hands at funny commercials, Thai commercials have made a name for themselves when it comes to driving their audience crazy and wreaking absolute laughter riots. Creative, smart, and beautifully filmed, a few Thai commercials are right at the top when it comes to gauging their hilarious quotient.

So, here are the 5 funniest Thai commercials that will jostle your mind and funny bones.

1. Thai Smile

This hilarious commercial from Thailand’s National Energy Policy Office is a gentle reminder of what it takes to drive home your message with the perfect mix of humor and sarcasm.

The ad features a young woman, who is probably a cabin crew at the Thai Airways. She is seen smiling at her guests, welcoming them with folded hands which is indicative of Thai hospitality. However, what follows next leaves the audience amused, amazed, and shocked- all at the same time.

And the commercial’s message is well on target. After all, there is only so much that a smile can do.

2. Tuna Elevator

Well, this one left me truly speechless, partly because I could very well relate with the girl in the commercial.

The ad features a stunning woman walking across an office to the elevator- and letting it all out once she’s inside! That’s when the advertiser pitches in their product- low-fat Sealect Tuna, with the tagline “suck in no more”. That must have given you an idea of what this ad is all about. If not, watch it; I am sure most of you folks will be able to relate to this.

Just suck in that paunch while you watch it!

3. Unsung Hero Parody

So, this one is a parody of the Thai Life Insurance commercial- The Unsung Hero. so, all the gestures from the young, selfless man that moistened your eyes in the original video will probably make you giggle this time.

A few incidents from the original video have been replaced by a few funny ones in this ad. However, the basic theme and plot of the commercial remain the same i.e., do good without expecting anything in return. Only this time, the protagonist that is being played by a girl, gets attention from a few handsome hunks, thereby, giving at least women a reason to do good every day!

4. Eat At Home

Imagine going to a restaurant where the staff is at odds with each other. That would be quite a site- provided that you aren’t waiting for your order to arrive.

This commercial from CP Ready Meal highlights why it would be worthwhile to order frozen, chilled, and ambient food from them instead of waiting endlessly for the restaurant staff to deliver your order.

While the ad is funny, the brand has also managed to catch the pulse of the daily consumers who regularly have their meals at local eateries. And I am sure that all of you would agree with me when I say that there’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for your food to arrive at a local food outlet, especially when you see the staff indulging in some banter with each other all the while.

5. Temper Elevator

If there’s a way to keep track of a woman’s temper, the makers of this ad would certainly have had a role in devising that method.

The ad shows a young man constantly trying to navigate his way through his partner’s unpredictable temper. And to make the situation even tighter, he’s joined by his ex-girlfriend. Your wife and your ex-girlfriend- both sitting at the same table as you. Now that’s some company we can all live without.

The way the product was introduced in the ad doesn’t make much sense, but neither does the rest of the ad. The ad is plain funny and the lack of logic in it is what makes it even funnier. While the ad certainly goes overboard at times, it is genuinely humorous. Do give it a watch.

Wrapping Up

So, that was our list of some of the funniest Thai commercials. As you might have seen by now, a funny ad allows you to keep logic at bay as long as you can keep your audience in good humor. And if you can drive home your message while doing that, you will have hit the bull’s eye.

We’ll be back next week with a few more funny commercials. Till then, stay tuned!


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