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5 Memorable Singaporean Commercials That Will Brighten Up Your Day

As the United Kingdom, along with half of the world, is busy mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Pakistan is being ravaged by unprecedented floods. There is no end in sight to the havoc caused by climate change and the ISIS is possibly planning its next attack while you’re reading this.

With so much negativity all around us, sometimes commercials can offer us the much-needed relief that we need to escape the harsh realities of life. And what better way to relax than watching some of the most iconic ads from Singapore? Why Singapore, you ask? Well, Singaporeans have a knack for coming up with some of the loveliest commercials that you’ll ever see.

So, let’s take an opportunity to recognize the genius in some brilliant commercials that will make every Singaporean proud of the fact that these commercials are the brainchild of marketing gurus rooted in Singapore.

Here are 5 awesome commercials that will not just distract you from your day-to-day issues but also motivate every budding marketer.

1. Mentos: National Day Proposal

We know countries are typically gendered as females and the marriage of 2 females isn’t very common. But that didn’t deter Singapore from going down on her knee and asking for Finland’s hand in marriage in this commercial.

This clever campaign highlights ‘P’ as Proposal instead of Parade where Singapore openly declares her attraction toward Finland's abundance of land, its affluence, and its high standard of education.

2. Coca-Cola Singapore: The Sharing Can

Coca-Cola has always been spot on with its commercials. And this ad is no different.

After the roaring success of Hug Me vending machines, Coca-Cola came up with special cans that can easily be split into two. These cans were dispensed at various locations in schools, the CBD area, and the heartlands, awing everyone with their nimble turn.

While the scenes in the video make you think that they are possibly scripted, it’s not easy to not feel the warmth of sharing buzz off the screen and wish that you also had a shot at that.

3. McDonald’s: McAloo Tiki

Didn’t we all know that this commercial was going to feature on this list? I mean, what could possibly be more entertaining than watching pretentious little potato beings dancing around in Bollywood style to introduce a new potato croquette burger?

McDonald’s even provided sing-along lyrics, a cue for you to get started on a mini karaoke session if you haven’t already. This limited veggie-patty burger was a major hit amongst vegetarians in Singapore with its Facebook announcement garnering an overwhelming response with a huge number of likes and shares within hours of its posting.

4. Starhub Singapore: Happy Everywhere

A global survey in December 2012 ranked Singapore as the unhappiest country in the world where its citizens were ungracious and lacked souls and emotions.

This commercial was made in response to that survey and sought to give Singaporeans a pat on the back and remove those negative perceptions. The cheerful strumming of music and heartwarming moments captured in the ad are really heartwarming. Sometimes, all that we really need is a gentle reminder of how our surroundings are still bountiful of loving and caring people who are truly accepting of us.

5. Samaritans of Singapore: You’ll Never Know

This commercial by Samaritans of Singapore is a metaphorical expression of how the sufferings of those who were lost and depressed is not always obvious on the surface but the signs can be seen if we looked deeper.

The commercial highlights how the people who need help merely put up facades through smiles. Therefore, it is crucial for us to reach out to them and offer proper helplines. This becomes even more critical in the case of children.

Wrapping Up

While there are hundreds of ads that might have brought a smile to your face, here are the 5 most iconic Singaporean commercials that my brain could conjure up at the moment. The best thing about each of these ads is that they appeal to your happy side and have the ability to bring out the best in us. So, did they bring out the best in you?

We’ll be back with more awesome commercials. Till then, stay tuned!

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