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5 Must-Watch Merdeka and Hari Malaysia 2023 Commercials That Nobody Should Miss

As promised, we are back with some of this year's best Merdeka and Hari Malaysia commercials. When celebrating Malaysia’s Independence Day, brands tend to unleash all their creativity as our blog on some of the best Merdeka and Malaysia Day adverts from yesteryear might suggest. And guess what, it’s no different this year either!

So, without much further ado, let’s take a look at the best Merdeka and Hari Malaysia ads from 2023.

1. Samsung Malaysia: No Place Like Home

While the title of this commercial must have revealed what it is about, you’d still need to watch the video to find out why this ad made it to our list.

The advert shows a girl going on a road trip around Malaysia and rekindling her love for her home. From breathtaking beaches to mouth-watering cuisines, Malaysia has everything that a country needs to win your heart. But what’s the most important thing is that it has also got people who are always willing to help each other by going the extra mile.

While the advert is amazing, Samsung also discreetly places itself within the ad as the medium that helps people capture all the beautiful moments they spend in Malaysia.

2. Maxis: Seiring & Seazam

Maxis has always been at the forefront when it comes to dishing out amazing Merdeka and Malaysia Day commercials. And it wasn’t any different this year either.

The ad shows a young boy hearing from his grandfather about the amazing ways they used to celebrate Merdeka until some years ago at his shop. With live music and lots of visitors, the shop would be one of the most lit places during Merdeka. But sadly most of his grandfather’s friends are long gone and the spirit of Merdeka doesn’t resonate with the younger generation the way it used to resonate with his grandfather and his friends. So, he decorates his grandfather’s shop, invites people to his shop, and arranges for live music- just like the good old days. Also, he invites an unexpected guest- watch the ad to know who it is!

3. RHB Group: Ketepikan Perbezaan Warna

It's only when we see beyond the colors that separate us and appreciate the beauty in our differences that can we truly progress and unite as a nation. And that is what this impressive commercial from RHB Bank is about.

The advert highlights the differences that exist within Malaysian society- ethnic, economic, and cultural. But even the smallest of the efforts can help address these issues and bring society together. What’s particularly amazing about this commercial is that there is no exchange of dialogue in the ad and the entire advertisement gets played out only through visuals.

4. Shopee: Pertama

E-commerce platform Shopee released an advert this year that highlights the importance of being the first one to achieve any feat.

Through the ad, we find out about many “first-time achievements” of Malaysians from winning the first Oscar and Nobel Peace Prize to being the first Asian country to host the Commonwealth Games and launching its first satellite into space. And Shopee brilliantly places itself within the ad by showcasing itself as the first platform to break Malaysia’s digital economy record and drive thousands of local sellers to success. Well done, Shopee!

5. U Mobile: Sorakan Gemilang

Can support and love really motivate a person? Well, this amazing commercial by U Mobile about Adik Syakila, her struggles, and her unwavering persistence will give you some idea about that.

The commercial closely follows Adik Syakila and her preparation as she went on to prove her ability on the Special Olympics stage with the support of not only the people closest to her but all Malaysians who united in cheering from afar. Her remarkable achievements remind us that we're all united in this world, celebrating diversity and embracing excellence. Despite our differences, Nur Syakila's outstanding accomplishments are a reason for all Malaysians to cheer and be proud.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the best Merdeka 2023 commercials. Malaysia’s Independence Day is a special occasion for brands to unleash their creativity and showcase their marketing talent to the rest of the world. All that you need is to figure out a way to help people relate to the Malaysian identity that creates a sense of belonging within them.

We’ll be back with more fantastic videos for you. Until then, stay tuned!


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