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Year In Search: An Overview of What People Searched for in Australia & New Zealand In 2022

Google has released its annual Year in Search report, which consolidates some of the latest consumer trends in APAC, which can help brands gauge what to expect from their existing and potential customers in the current year. The report consists of findings from 12 APAC markets, including Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Australia & New Zealand.

Here are the major findings of the Year in Search report for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

1. Personal Identity Coming to the Fore

How people look for answers and ideas is continually evolving. But how does this show up in Google Search? Whatever they’re looking for, people are exploring, evaluating, and questioning with much greater specificity to express their distinctive identities.

This is evident from the rise in searches on gender stereotypes and gender equality in Australia. Also, there has been a 10% increase in searches containing the words “for men” and “for women”.

2. Renewed Interest in Self-Care

Searches for various forms of self-care and self-improvement are on the rise. People want to learn about personal wellness, health, and fitness – including ways to identify and manage mental health challenges.

For instance, search interest in Australia for “signs of burnout” boomed by over 130%, while in New Zealand, searches on anxiety grew by more than 110%.

Moreover, people looked for ways to be healthy, which explains the 40% increase in searches on “How to be healthy”.

3. The Search for Work-Life Balance

Although work and home life continue to be parts of a whole, people are now looking to find a greater balance between the two. This is evident from people resigning from their jobs and actively seeking work arrangements to complement their lifestyle.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that 77% of workers say they value remote work, and 42% say they would refuse a job if they couldn’t work from home. Also, while many companies frown upon the idea of “moonlighting”, it looks like “side hustling” is growing by leaps and bounds as searches for “side hustle” increased by 30% in Australia.

Also, search interest in freelance jobs grew by more than 40% in Australia.

4. The Rise of Comparison Shopping

COVID-19 has been quite taxing on all of us in all aspects, especially financially. As costs rise, people are carefully considering how and when they spend, seizing the right moment for the best deals. Globally, search interest for “compared to” remains consistently high.

This means that people are no longer purchasing things blindly but are instead doing a thorough comparison of products and services before shelling out any money.

5. Saving Money And The Planet

While “pocket-friendly” and “environmental-friendly” were two different things so far, it looks like the two have finally converged to create a new section of consumers who want to save money while also saving the planet.

People are discovering that more sustainable purchases, such as electric or hybrid cars, can help them be savvier about their spending, especially when petrol prices rise. For example, New Zealanders are looking into the government’s clean car discount on electric vehicles, contributing to searches for rebates increasing by over 80%.

Bottom Line

As consumers’ buying patterns continue to evolve, brands need to keep an eye on these search interests and respond quickly to these consumer shifts. These trends show what is on the top of mind for consumers in Australia and New Zealand and what marketers need to quickly tap into these trends to make the most of them.

To delve deeper into the findings of the report, download the full report by clicking here.


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