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5 Most Successful Singaporean Adverts That Will Help You Raise Your Marketing Game

Advertising in Singapore is just as advanced as its tech-savvy people. Marketing strategies in Singapore have actively adapted to technologies like the internet, e-commerce, search engines, and social media. This reflects in Singaporeans’ online buying behavior too with over 59% of Singaporeans making purchases through e-commerce sites.

Therefore, with this kind of purchasing behavior, it’s no surprise that brands have begun launching their ad campaigns on popular platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. But while brands have figured out the marketing channels that they should target to reach the maximum audience, they must also get the content right so that it resonates with people.

So, if you’re looking to reach Singaporeans with well-constructed ad campaigns, here are 5 successful Singaporean adverts that will serve as the perfect inspiration for you to succeed.

1. SK-II: Meet Me Halfway

Do you remember the Gamuda Land advert that we covered in our “Best CNY 2023 Adverts” last week where a girl was hesitant to visit her family on the Chinese New Year to evade questions from her family about her personal life? This ad by beauty brand SK-II also highlights this problem, except in a more serious way.

The ad shows multiple Singaporean women who are hesitant to visit their homes for Chinese New Year because of their parents’ nagging them about not getting married and starting their families. The ad serves as a tribute to courageous women who took the first step to tackle the pressure of marriage by creating an understanding between themselves and their parents and meeting them halfway- both literally and figuratively.

2. FairPrice: Worth the Trip

With e-commerce sites and online grocery stores totally disrupting the traditional way of shopping, supermarket company FairPrice came up with an ad that was embedded in the idea that the time spent shopping for shopping groceries is time well spent.

The ad showcases an old woman, her daughter who is trying to learn the ropes from her aging mother, and her teenage grandson who seems completely aloof from his mother and grandmother as he spends his entire time playing games on his phone. How the grandson and his mother take on the traditional ‘achar’ recipe of the old woman forms the crux of this moving 5-minute spot.

3. Tiger Beer: Yet Here I Am

Resilience- that’s one word you could use to describe this awesome 60-second ad by the famous Singaporean beer brand.

The ad showcases how Tiger Beer managed to overcome the odds and establish itself as one of the most popular beer brands not only in Singapore but across the world. The ad symbolizes a resilient spirit, reminding everyone to embrace a never-say-die attitude and turn every difficulty into an opportunity.

4. Pond’s: Dull Face

Pond’s came up with a catchy commercial to promote its Bright Boost facial scrub for men and drive awareness about men’s skincare.

The ad uses the famous 80s song “Don't you forget about me” to a hilarious effect. The ad resonated quite well with the Singaporean audiences who thought that the ad brought about a refreshing change to the otherwise ignored men’s skincare segment. The most impressive aspect of this commercial is its usage of clever localization methods and humor to convey the desired message.

5. Circles.Life: A World Without Telco Contracts

Disruption, honesty, and humor- that’s the combination you need to gain brand recognition and a customer base quickly. And this advert by Circles.Life proves that beyond doubt.

The ad borrows a page out of Netflix and Uber’s playbook to sell against the status quo. circles.Life, which is Singapore’s first virtual network operator, had the uphill task of selling to a target market that didn’t quite understand its product. But will consistent and clever messaging, the brand not only earned the media’s attention but also appreciation from its target audience.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the most successful Singaporean adverts. Most people in Singapore love to shop, which makes the life of marketers both easy and challenging. While marketers need to come up with out-of-the-box marketing strategies to woo Singaporean shoppers, once they do it, they can always stay assured of high conversion rates.

Hopefully, the ads discussed in this blog will help you learn a thing or two about what sells in Singapore i.e., cultural values, relevant social issues, and personalized brand messages.

We’ll be back with more amazing videos to help you with your marketing. Till then, stay tuned!


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